Projekte Semesterprojekte


1) Subject Matter
SATELLIT and CATEYE are jointly developing a new design for a front and rear LED bicycle lighting system that runs in both dynamo and battery operation.
The system is designed for use in urban areas as well as outdoor and trekking activities, and must conform to the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO).

2) Scope
2.1) Student Participation
Students of Industrial Design at the State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart will participate in the „CATEYE Design Project 2007“, as part of the 2007 summer semester.
2.2) Duties and Services
The following components will be developed and delivered to CATEYE as part of the project:
a) Market analysis and basic evaluation (construction space, module construction for dynamo/battery operation, handling, adapters, anti-theft protection, etc.)
b) Three concept studies
c) Two review presentations in the form of PowerPoint presentations
d) Presentation (function/presentation model (scale 1:1), visualization/representation of the schematic design, product photographs)
e) Casing geometry of the final models in the form of a CAD data record.

Dipl.-Ing Alexander Trage & Dipl.-Des. Manuel Meßmer
Sommersemester 2007
Beteiligte Studierende: Florian Panter, Axel Schindlbeck (ID)


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