Projekte Semesterprojekte

E – move your ass and your head will follow

by Aylin Langreuter and
Prof. Christophe de la Fontaine
AM Benedikt Kartenberg

Industrial Design
Wintersemester 2020 / 2021



by Manuel Kugler and Pierre Embacher

Even the latest concept cars of e-mobility are mostly heavy bolides and are supposed to be able to drive completely autonomously in the future.
It’s no wonder that urban planners, politicians and many others want to ban cars from the city. Nevertheless, many people still have their own cars – but why is that?

People appreciate the safety, comfort and above all the driving experience of a car. Why shouldn’t these aspects also be realized in a compact city vehicle? The driving pleasure of a fast sports car at a top speed of a reasonable 50 km/h!

Ergonomic studies gave rise to the idea of a single-seater in which the driver is enclosed in a soft bumper that provides support and protection and makes him unmissable thanks to its striking appearance. In addition, there are all kinds of features designed to accompany the driver through the strains of everyday urban life. The HOTSEAT is steered by two space-saving levers borrowed from winter sports.


Île flottante

by Etienne Ninkov and Nikolas Wiest

Looking for something that falls by the wayside too often. Île flottante – an island of comfort – primarily based on the need to avoid the hustle and bustle, to maneuver through everyday life casually and with sovereignty.



by Manuel Müller and Moritz Zemsch

The foenix bike expansion kit transforms a worn-out bicycle frame into a three-wheeled electric chopper. The simple and adaptable assembly enables an individual and at the same time resource-saving form of electric loco-motion. The foenix thus combines riding pleasure and nostalgic stubbornness with sustainability and practical solutions for everyday life.

The kit includes the 1000-watt hub motor, the steering unit including brake, hand throttle and lighting, as well as the entire add-on frame, including seat, sprung rear axle design and loading area for versatile transport goods. The control unit and battery are stored in a user-friendly, shock- and weatherproof manner in specially manufactured bags.

Interfaces with the substrate frame are kept to a minimum; the foenix uses its generic attachment options, such as rear suspension, bottom bracket or load-bearing linkages, to make assembly simple and flexible while making use of its physiognomic and static geometry.



by Mana Matsumoto, Min Gwan Kim and Luis Schulte Kellinghaus

On the beautiful weekend we all ride together and enjoy in the sunshine!
Starting with the idea of translating the „car feeling“ into e-mobility: Driving is seen as a community activity, with a feeling of security that you have in the car.
We focused especially on the community aspect. Our goal was to dissolve hierarchies in transportation. It is often the case that one person drives and the others rest, parents for instance drive the children, and so on. Also the seating positions and a order is clearly defined. We wanted to dissolve this and enable a kind of democratic driving.
The design is inspired by picnics, as well as the on-the-ground dining culture, which is a classic Japanese way of seating.
Under the sun you can only enjoy what you want.



by Zixuan Zhou and Fengfang Yang

How to get driving pleasure in a new way? Swing Dancer is a vehicle that the driver can swing while driving. It combines the swing and the vehicle. The centrifugal force of driving allows the driver to experience freedom and excitement at the same time.

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