Deep Fry Culture

Freies Projekt von Hans-Peter Lutsch und Alexander Schulz
Studiengang Industrial Design
Sommersemester 2019

Deep fried snacks are well-known and loved in many different cultures.
Their distinct, savoury smell is spreading in the streets all over the world. Although the recipes, tools and procedures vary a lot from region to region, hot oil basically stays the same universal medium, connecting all the people.

Our journey began in 2015, as we were trying to escape the boring cantine Food at ABK.
The old deep fryer of a fellow student quickly became our weapon of choice. As the sizzling oil bath started to gain attention on the campus, more and more people joined in and we shared tasty foods and ideas with each other.

We noticed that, contrary to its bad reputation, the act of deep frying bears a lot of culinary potential. Our design highlights the hidden pleasures embedded in the enjoyment of crunchy snacks.

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