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One Dollar Glasses

Freies Projekt von Patrick Nagel und Nils Körner
Studiengang Industrial Design
Wintersemester 2018/19

The project, The One Dollar Glasses, playfully explores the possibilities of wire in the production of glasses. Worldwide, more than 150 million people need a pair of glasses, but do not have the access or the financial means. The nonprofit organization EinDollarBrille e.V.«s mission is to solve this problem. By educating the people in developing countries and providing them with the right bending tools, they can autonomously produce their own glasses. This process supports developing countries by creating new jobs and guaranteeing a sustainable solution.

Across the globe, glasses play an important role in one«s personal appearance and self-expression. The aim was to explore the possibilities and limits of materials such as spring steel, heat shrink tubing, and polycarbonate lenses for less than one dollar. The project aspired to create a broad spectrum of solutions while dealing with a diverse range of glasses. The series of objects created are presented as part of an exhibition aiming to familiarize the wider audience with the issue.

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