Gestaltungsübung Projekte

Der Wecker

by Aylin Langreuter
AM Benedikt Kartenberg

Industrial Design
1. Semester
Wintersemester 2021 / 2022

It snaps us out of our dreams and confronts us all too suddenly with reality – the alarm clock: one of the most unpopular everyday objects of all. It is not for nothing that its task has become one among many functions of our mobile phones.

In Design Exercise 1 „Signs and Symbols“, the students asked themselves whether the alarm clock or the alarm itself could be thought of and designed differently. The concept idea developed from their own research was turned into a functional prototype. The new approach should be reflected in the formal design as well as in the individual handling.



by Anne Lara Kraft

Réminiscence is a very personal alarm clock that reactivates your memories. Voices and sounds from your digital media archive stream to you via an app and a funnel-shaped speaker. Your brain is immediately stimulated and tries to classify the soundscape, which automatically transports you back to the place of the memory.


Time drops by

by Benjamin Stäbler

The „time drops by“ alarm clock is based on a purely mechanical mode of operation. The central element is the medium of water, which makes it possible to experience time in a new way and triggers an acoustic alarm tone. The desired sleeping time can be set and adjusted continuously.


Rise and Shine

by Hannah Emily Auth

The sun’s rays tickle your nose and you slowly wake up – just by warmth.


with pleasure

by Lea Neubert

The orgasm alarm clock „with pleasure“ accompanies you throughout the night to wake you up stimulatingly in the morning.


Snooze or lose

by Arne Sanwald

With „Snooze or Lose“ you play a game every morning and can win real snooze time. Hit the buzzer at the right moment and collect points that determine how long you can snooze until the alarm clock rings the next time.



by Sophie Hebsaker

Plaudite is an alarm clock that rewards you for getting up with a round of applause. Through a motion sensor, the alarm clock recognizes whether you have gotten up. Only then does the ring tone stop and you hear a thunderous applause – all for you. Wake up – get up – feel good

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